Here comes post #1

This is test content for Post #1

function I just activated. So, I’ll copy the text here, go back to my editor, and in this case I’m gonna remove what I already have, and then paste it in, and you’ll remember that I’ve triggered Paste as Text, you can see is currently active, and that means that when I paste it we just get text, there’s no styling.

  • bullet
  1. number list

“I can apply that to my content”.

Now that I have just the text, I need to do a little bit of a clean up here. In particular, anyGeo Location time I have a heading, I need to go the end of the heading, hit delete once, and then hit enter to create a proper break between the heading and the next paragraph, and then I’m good to go. Now that I’ve pasted in my content, I can turn Paste as Text off, and then take a look at the other features in the toolbar. So, I’ll start from the top here with the styling. You’ll remember in my main article

I have some bold text, and some italicized text, and even this big quote, and now I can apply that to my content.

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